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SÄLANDER - Animated Crime Series, created by

Animation is ideal to tell the story when the real footage has its limit, and we have used this in a powerful

and strong way when difficult topics have to be presented in documetaries.


Two examples:

"Europe: which children matter" where we meet children, several considered ineducable by their own societies.

"Scene Delta", a part oft the theatre group Vildenvei in Norway for people with a background from mental care.

SHOWREEL - animation made by Coaxfilm and Morf


Since 2004 Coaxfilm has provided animation workshops in schools, mainly for class 3 to 10, but also in high schools.

The workshops are both for basic introduction to more advanced animation using both 2D (cut out) and 3D-technics (clay/puppet).


In Norway most of the workshops have been supported by Den kulturelle skolesekken.

Coaxfilm was also a part of I-CAN International Cartoon and Animation festival of Norway in 2019 and 2020.

In Finland some of the workshops has been supported by Svenska Kulturfonden

In Czech Republic it has been in co-operation with Prameni, and in Tanzania as a part of East Africa Cup.